Ayan Abdullahi
Ayan Abdullahi
PYP Head of Teaching and Learning

Dear Families,

Welcome to the Australian School of Abu Dhabi, a vibrant learning environment, designed to enhance children’s curiosity and creativity. As an IB school, we value holistic growth and character development, imagination and resilience, teamwork and service to others. We know that a real education extends beyond classrooms that prepare us with the skills to lead a happy, successful and positive life.

In ASAD, we meet students’ learning needs through innovative methods for teaching and learning. Our Units of Inquiry are carefully crafted, and reviewed annually, to expand opportunities for inquiry, personal growth and academic development.

We support students as they grow in terms of the Learner Profile, ensuring that your children will be well-rounded and well-prepared for life and learning in the modern world.

It is always a pleasure to join with students, teachers and parents; together we can reflect on our successes so far, and plan new improvements. If you have an idea or a question, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks!