The School curriculum is well-balanced. Students are taught to be proud of their identity. Apart from the Islamic Studies, Social Studies and Arabic subjects for local students all other subjects are taught in English.

Arabic Language begins at the KG level and Islamic Studies begin in Year 1. The number of lessons per week varies slightly from KG classes to Secondary levels. Other modern languages, including French and advanced Arabic are offered as electives in the Secondary school, according to the Ministry of Education requirements.

By attending the Australian School of Abu Dhabi, all students benefit in their academic and spiritual progress, and in the development of their self-esteem in a caring educational environment.


The Australian School of Abu Dhabi, recognising that we are a multicultural nation, cherishes the multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-faith nature and aspirations of our society and enjoins all its students to cultivate a universal outlook on life and to constantly seek to broaden their horizons in tolerance, compassion and co-operation with one another.

We seek to prevent discrimination on the grounds of race and religion in the classroom, in the playground, in cultural activities and in school social life.


To provide students with a moral education that will inculcate in them universal values while providing a quality secular education that will equip them for life in Abu Dhabi. The school aims at the development of the whole person, intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically and the development of individual talents and abilities.


To provide a sound grounding in spiritual issues and develop an understanding of and a respect for other religions and different cultures.


To develop in all students the acquisition of social skills that will enable them to function effectively and harmoniously in Abu Dhabi’s multi-cultural and multi-faith society.


To encourage intellectual curiosity and help students reach their maximum potential.


To develop a realisation that different cultures make up our society and to be tolerant of others, whilst encouraging the development of pride in being residents of the U.A.E and citizens from their country of origin.